Monday, April 28, 2014

Week of 4/21

It was an easy 28 mile week that went as planned.  I needed to start ramping up a little volume again since I decided (last minute) to race the Eastern Divide 50k the end of June.  If I had my normal base, gearing up for a 50k wouldn't be tough but since I haven't ran over 20 miles at one time in over 2 months I need to get back in fighting shape!  Plus, the race has about 6,500 feet of vertical climb!

The week went like this:

Monday - 5 (bridle)
Wednesday - 6 (hilly bridle/single track combo)
Saturday - 5 (road @ 8:15 pace)
Sunday - 12 (hilly bridle @ 8:37 pace)

Although I was a little uncomfortable at the end of Sunday's run it was good to do some quicker miles on Saturday to wear my legs down a bit before Sunday's hill loop.  So far so good...

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