Sunday, November 24, 2013

JFK50 results

10:51:36.  A new PR (by a lot).  It was cold.  Last year I would have qualified for WS100. Oh well, personal goal accomplished.  Race report to follow.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ankle Synovitis

As a beginner utlra runner I suppose some type of injury is inevitable.  Although I diligently tried to apply the 10% rule, "listen to my body," and all that stuff, ultimately my body has to adjust to the new demands that I am placing on it.  For me, a brief injury is one of those adjustments.

About a month ago I did a 28 miler on Saturday, followed by 10 on Sunday.  There were no issues while running, other than the outside of my ankle felt a little off when I finished my run on Sunday.  Four hours later, it was screaming.  Any motion in the ankle joint caused immediate (negative) feedback.  I went to an ortho who said I had synovitis.  He prescribed NSAID's and recommended physical therapy.  The drugs worked and a few visits to a therapist at D1 later (for soft tissue work) and my ankle seems to be back on track.  I was able to run 24 this past Saturday and am going to go for 30+ this weekend.  If the ankle feels good, I will be heading towards the JFK50 in two weeks!  Although I had to adjust the volume of my training I still feel better prepared for this race than I did earlier this year for the TNFEC 50.

In total, I took two weeks off to get back to the point where I am running pain free.  Although the therapist said I could run on it without doing permanent damage during that time, I figured it was better to go into the JFK50 a little under trained by missing one long run than hobbling out there for 11 hours (hopefully less) on a bum ankle.