Monday, June 23, 2014

Eastern Divide 50k

5:30 and 15th place (unofficial results).  A race report (with official results) will follow soon and replace this post)!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week of 6/09

This week was a mini-taper before my 50k this Sunday, the Eastern Divide Ultra.  I ended up running 3 days for a total of 25 miles.  I officially registered for my race, which is the first race I will be doing that is registered through Ultra Signup.  After creating an account, the website pulled my results for TNFEC50 and JFK50, to give me a total ranking (52.66%) and age group ranking (53.94%).  It also predicts that I will run this race in 7:32:05.  It will be interesting to see how accurate that is, as my goal is to go sub-6.  Of course, the data set that the website has to calculate from is small and the two results are substantially different.  A sub-6 race could throw things even further off!

I plan to head out for a run with the group today (6 miles) and maybe stretch the legs out on Thursday with a short 3 miler or so.  Check back next week for results and a race report.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week of 6/02

Last week was the final week before my taper to make sure I am healed up in time for the kick in the stomach that is otherwise referred to as the Eastern Divide 50k.  It was a solid 32 mile week (I only had time to run 3 days) and my long run left me feeling about as ready as I can given my current time constraints and my rather last minute decision to run the race.  This will be my first ultra without my trusty crew chief there at every aid station, since she has to stay home with the kids.  It will definitely take more planning and better packing on my part but since the race is "only" a 50k (i.e., I shouldn't have to worry about a shoe change, head lamp, etc...), it shouldn't be that bad.

My week went like this:

Monday, June 2, 2014

The last 2 weeks...

My last two weeks have been a little off.  I tweaked my back, which sidelined me for a few days and I also had friend come visit both weekends.  All in all I put in 41 miles over the past two weeks, 18 of which yesterday.  The Eastern Divide 50k is going to be tough given my current lack of fitness and there is no way I will be racing it, just running it but it will be good exposure to some vertical to give me an idea how my training is going.