Sunday, April 6, 2014

It was a 16 mile kinda...

...week!  It wasn't long ago that I was logging 45 mile weeks on a fairly regular basis.  All of that changed (in a good way...duh) when the twins came along last month.  The first month I was struggling to get one 5 mile run a week in.  It wasn't because my wife wasn't supportive - she was practically pushing me out the door.  The reality was that I was just to dang tired to lace up.  Everyone is on a much better schedule now so I got in 3 runs this week.  

Tues and Thur - flat 5 milers with a buddy.  We pretty much hung out just under 8's since he has a marathon next weekend.

Sun - did the company mill loop at Umstead for 6 glorious miles of single track.  

And now for the knowlege bomb...out of nowhere my wife said she thinks I should run a race next year!  #bestwifeever.  I have started looking at 100k's and have my eye on the Thomas Jefferson 100k, put on by WS100 veteran AJW.  I have to decide whether I want to stretch and go for a 100k or train faster and try to get a sub-10 50.  I have plenty of time to train and decide as it will be a while before my mileage gets anywhere north of 30.   

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