Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Training - week of July 8

Recovery.  A necessary part of staying healthy.  Recovery is not only physical but also mental.  It's mental in the sense that it gives you more time to spend with your wife, husband, kids, etc. and it doesn't seem like every free moment that you have you are out there.  It is physical because we are, after all, only human and our bodies do need time to adjust to training loads and intensities.  This week I went a whopping 20 miles.  2 x 5 and 1 x10.  My 10 miler was the hilly section of Umstead (a state park in Cary, NC) that is hopefully going to help me get in shape for the JFK 50...yes, that's right I GOT IN!  I am fortunate to have the ability to train in an amazing place like Umstead but more importantly, I am fortunate to have the best crew in the world, my wife, who is willing to put up with me for another race.  

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