Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training - week of July 1

This week marked one month since my first ultra.  I'm still a little slower than I used to be but overall my body adjusted fine and I didn't experience some of the horrible side effects others have blogged about (like exhaustion for weeks, mood swings, GI distress, etc...).  Either I got lucky or my training paid off or, probably, a little of both.  I'm still working on my report from my 50 miler on June 1st and hope to have it finished soon.  It's hard to write an report that succinctly recaps how the race went but also provides information to folks who want to run the race in the future that I wish I had going in to the  race - like the mile long rock hopping section that you loop through 3 times that really screws with your time splits.  Anyways, I started training for another 50 miler in November (hopefully).  I'm still waiting for my race entry fee to clear the bank since it is one of the races that only takes paper applications and was close to full when I sent my application in!  I have added a lot more hills to my workouts since my last 50 and the meltdown that ensued around mile 36, that was in substantial part hydration related...race plan...fail.

I just can't get a lot of mileage during the week as I only have time to run 2 days so at the most I get 10-14 miles in during the week and the rest comes on the weekends.  I guess the trade off is that is 3 days that my body gets to heal and recover so in theory it reduces my risk of injury.  I'm working on rebuilding my base almost from scratch until I get up to doing my regular long runs on Saturday and adding another longish run on Sunday of around 10 miles.  I'm hoping the Sunday run will help me mentally for later in the races and also teach me how to run better on legs that are absolutely dead from the day before.  I started out doing them leading up to my first 50 miler but once I missed the first one I never really got back on track...training plan...fail.

I ran 26 miles total this week with a 10 miler on Saturday followed by an easy 6 on Sunday.  It is good to be running long enough again that I am out there for a couple hours and can unplug and relax.  Speaking of relaxing...it's time for a scheduled rest week this week.  No point in pushing it now.  There is a long ways to go before November.

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