Saturday, July 25, 2015

Umstead 100 - race report

This was my first 100 miler and I hit my "B" goal, finish in under 28 hours.   In summary, it was an extremely cold year for the race (temps dipped into the single digits at night) and there was a lot of carnage as a result.  I had the help of my family in crewing me and my friends to pace me.  Without them, I don't think I would have been able to accomplish my goal.  Although folks can complete the distance without support, us mere mortals rely heavily on others to engage in this selfish sport.

I developed a little bit of an ITB issue in December, so I had fairly low volume training the entire time (at least from training plans I have seen and what I have read online).  I never ran more than 56 miles in a week.  For those of you looking for low volume training plans, that worked (sort of, see below) My training looked like this:

December 29xxx4x24x28
January 5xx5xx18x23
January 12x154x24640
January 19x4x5x24841
January 26xx5xx12x17
February 2xx54x28946
February 9x525x301052
February 16xx4.5xx8.25.318
February 23x45xx47x56
March 2xx3.5xx134.521
March 9x5x4x20837
March 16x4xxx14321
March 23x3xxx100x103

Although I finished, I essentially was forced to walking the last 25 miles.  I developed a calf strain around mile 70, which I would attribute to 3 things: 1) I had ran 70 miles already; 2) I didn't get enough vertical during training; and 3) my volume was so low that since I didn't get enough vertical my calf said enough was enough.  Without the calf strain, I likely would have came in sub-24.  Oh well, another year perhaps.

In concluding, the race is extremely well run and the volunteers are better than any race I have previously ran.  If you can manage to grab one of the coveted spots, I highly recommend it.  If you are running the race and want to talk about the course, etc. please reach out.  I used to live in Raleigh and the course was my old training grounds, so I had the added benefit of knowing every bump of the course before I even started.

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